Connect with Each other

Creative Conversations

In youth care, with what we know today, we need, now more then ever, to be courageous enough to listen to each other.

In 2020 I met Matt Anderson online.

Since then we have been connecting to share our journey and learnings in how we hope to be part of the Upstream work in Youth Care. Matt is a social worker who believes in family, the importance of listening, and the ability of a story well told to change the world. Matt started the "Institute for family" they stand with families, for families. They believe this Upstream work starts with listening to families, trusting their lived expertise, and working with them to inform and inspire a new way forward.

They facilitate an online series of webinars "Unlearning Childwelfare".

For me the way how Matt facilitate conversations, invite people to the conversations and let the conversation be the place where change can emerge and creativity be born is what inspires me a lot. I believe that we need to facilitate those conversations , listen to each other and be creative together to build better Futures for all of us.

In the region of Antwerp, where I work together with my colleagues, different organizations and the agency of child welfare started to create a partnership with each other in the face of Hope for children and families.

This resulted in "het Antwerps Partnerschap" that is organizing and facilitating the conversation how we can all work together towards real change.

Keep the conversation open with and to each other is what they aim to do. In sharing their strengths and possibilities they achieved already to offer training to a lot of practitioners and to start the conversation of what we aim and can achieve if we work together.