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Center for Yoga, Sound & Breathwork

Being connected to our body nowadays is more important then ever.
True connection heals, physically and mentally, helps to stay grounded and enables us to cope with today's rapidly changing world that's flooded with stress.

Through unconditional awareness we are connecting to our body and mind. This calms down the nervous system and brings space in the body. Bringing space in the body stimulates circulation and enables it to restore and become healthy again. Physically and mentally. It sounds simple. But it's not always easy to do.

Yoga, meditation, sound- and breath work are tools that help us to feel more connected. In being connected to ourselves we're able to enjoy life in a different, more healthy way.

• We offer weekly group sessions, weekends and retraits in Yoga & Meditation. See Calendar .
• We offer individual Transformational Breath® sessions and Transformational Breath® workshops.
• We organise sound sessions and concerts. See Calendar.
• We do personal coaching: in an individual trajectory we discover together what you will find most beneficial for your needs.  Book a private session.
• Students will have access to a Vimeo channel  with explanatory videos to support their selfpractice at home.

About me

I'm a certified Yoga teacher, breath and body therapist

I was born in 1973 in Leuven, Belgium. In my childhood I was a restless boy. Since music and singing was my main way of expression.

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"Tradition becomes our security, and when the mind is secure it's in decay"

— J.Krishnamurti