Who we are

Who we are and what connects us

We are Sabien De Klerck and Antoon Walgrave. Sabien has many years of experience in youth care, (re)connecting people to each other around children and Antoon has many years of exploring the body&mind connection and teaching and working with people individually.

Throughout the years we have learned a lot from each other by exchanging ideas and talking about the fields we work in. We have learned that there's a huge link between working with people and connecting them and working with your own body and going inside.

We have realised that it's actually not possible to be able to connect and have a healthy, sustainable relationship with the world and people around us when we don't have a healthy relationship with ourselves and our bodies. And the other way around, it's not possible to be healthy in our bodies when our relationships and connection with the world around us are unhealthy.

That's how we started "Being Connected". To connect people to each other and the world around and to connect people to themselves and to their bodies. Two sides of the same coin ...

Oh yes, we are also a couple and we have two children and two dogs.